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Finding Land: Stories of Japan is a short story collection by Marian Pierce, and is available as an e-book at:

Finding Land: Stories of Japan was a Library Writers Project selection by the Multnomah County library, and can be checked out of their e-book catalogue:

A Jewish girl from Cleveland meets a pregnant Texas belle over a package of dried squid in a Tokyo grocery store. Their common ground? Both newlyweds, married to Japanese men. Despite being unable to decipher the maps in Tokyo’s train stations well enough to know where they’re going, they abandon plans to cook dinner for their husbands (they don’t know what half the things in the grocery store are anyway) and set off on a quest to find land. Will they find space for themselves, in a place where there’s none? Will the Clevelander ever understand the haiku about cherry blossoms her husband reads to her in the bath? Will the women learn why, when you press a mysterious button in the restroom stall of a fancy Ginza department store, a tinny rendition of “Matchmaker Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof is emitted from somewhere above the toilet seat? And will the Texan give birth on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line train? These stories chronicle the adventures of two card-carrying members of Tokyo’s “Foreign Wives of Japanese” club at the height of Japan’s economic boom years.

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Mr. Liquid Crystal: The Untold Story of How James L. Fergason Invented the Liquid Crystal Display & Helped Create the Digital World by Terri Fergason Neal and Marian Pierce

Available as an ebook or print book on Amazon

Portland Tribune book review

It was November 1957 and while the world marveled at Sputnik soaring across the sky, a 23 year-old Westinghouse Laboratory physicist named James Fergason stared entranced at a rainbow of colors reflecting off a clear substance cooling in a pan. The substance poured like a liquid, but reflected colors like a crystal. It had been 60 years since anyone had studied this laboratory curiosity. When he stumbled upon a description of “crystalline liquids” in an old chemistry book in the Westinghouse library, his work began. Little did he know then that he would invent the liquid crystal display (LCD) that NASA would install on spacecraft hurtling into orbit.

Mr. Liquid Crystal: The Untold Story of How James L. Fergason Invented the Liquid Crystal Display and Helped Create the Digital World  by Terri Fergason Neal and Marian Pierce is the story of a man whose excitement at discovery and ceaseless curiosity launched the multi-billion dollar LCD industry. Fergason held so many patents for his inventions that the U.S. patent examiners dubbed him “Mr. Liquid Crystal.” Although he was treated like a rock star by fellow inventors and heroically battled patent poachers until he finally prevailed, his name is barely known in the United States

Mr. Liquid Crystal sets the record straight. One of the last independent American inventors to follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Nikola Tesla and Edwin Howard Armstrong, this inspiring story began in a one-room Missouri schoolhouse and ended in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.




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