Marian Pierce


If you aren’t confident that your writing is clear and concise, I can help. I am a seasoned editor with 20 years of experience perfecting my clients’ writing for publication. In addition to correcting all language, logic and factual errors, I will improve the flow of your writing and make it vivid and compelling.

I’ve edited blogs, novels, young adult fiction, science fiction and fantasy, self-help books, company documents, memoirs, technical books, self-published books, dissertations, and science and medical books and articles. I do proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing for experienced and new writers alike.

For clients who find it easy to fire off an email or text but freeze when they want to (or have to) write something more formal, I provide creative strategies, guidance and a 1001 ideas to help generate words on the page. You’ll find me an enthusiastic writing coach, a kind but exacting editor, and an avid reader.

Whether English is your mother tongue or a second language, I can help you sharpen the language and focus of your writing, enhance its appeal, and increase your chances of publication.

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